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Your Way By Honourable Chimdi (DOWNLOAD)

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Your Way Download | Honourable Chimdi

your-way-by-honourable-chimdi-download Your Way By Honourable Chimdi (DOWNLOAD)

Singer/songwriter, worship leader and recording artiste, Honourable CHIMDI starts his 2020 music year with the release of his brand new single titled “YOUR WAY”.

“YOUR WAY”, a Nigerian slang which translates as “Your Divine Nature” is a downbeat and worship song produced by the legendary Somik.

Speaking about the song, Honourable CHIMDI reveals: “The song ‘YOUR WAY’ was born during a worship time preceding a prayer retreat.”

Reminiscing through the awesome acts of God in the midst of the worship, the song depicts GOD’s divine characteristics and nature to perform divers miracles and marvellous works, save the wretched sinner and fill the hearts of many with HIS Spirit.

Honourable CHIMDI is the Team Leader of The Honourable House, a fast-rising music group.

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Instagram: honourablechimdi
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Twitter: chimdi07
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