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Salma Mumin Stuns In Swimsuit

Entertainment: Salma Mumin Stuns In Swimsuit

Salma Mumin Stuns In Swimsuit
Actress, Salma Mumin is still on holidays. On her holidays, she shares sizzling photos of herself. The summer has still not ended for the actress.

Her vacations pictures include walking the Holly Walk of Fame and touring other sights. However, her recents pictures just scream hotness. Salma shared a picture of herself having a time at the beach and we love what we are seeing.

She has been in the movie industry for a while now and has really carved a niche for herself in the movies industry. Having starred in several movies, the actress is no doubt very hard working.

Salma started acting because she admired a couple of actresses and always wanted to be one. However, she didn’t know how to go about it until she was introduced to Abdul Salam by a friend.

According to her, she got to know a lot of producers through Abdul Salam and after featuring in Passion and Soul.

Salma takes a well deserved break and we’re happy to see the pictures.

Pictures of Salma Mumin in swimsuit

I don’t know if I will make it to heaven with the kind of life I’m living – Sista Afia

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